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Your $347 Access Includes:
  • Access to 12 x 2 hour plus Recorded Zoom Sessions
  • Access to over 24 hours Video Recordings
  • Access to over 24 hours Audio Recordings
  • Access to Private Discussion Forum
  • 22 hours Regen Ag Book Club Video and Audio Interviews
  • Bonus Recording Glen Elzinga and Alderspring Ranch session
  • Bonus Recording Nicole Masters "Life in the Soil" session
  • Bonus Recording  Brittany Cole Bush ~ The Shepherdess session
Plus 12 months Membership  the Regen Ag Insiders 
Regen Ag Insiders
• Regular Guests speaking on a range of topics relating to Regen Ag.
• Regen Ag Masterclass Community
• Regular Discussion sessions
• Share Back Sessions where members can share their experiences
• Virtual Summit's
• Mini Take Action classes with accountability
• Priority Offer for Future Masterclasses
• Much much more as we go.

We will host special Masterclasses a couple times a year where you can take a deep dive on a topic with an expert teacher.
(These will be an extra cost determined at the time depending on the person training). As an Insider you can request who and what topic is covered and will get first offer to these limited classes at a discount to what non members will pay.

Fred Provenza Masterclass $347
Plus Insiders Membership $297/ Year
Save $397 with 1st year Free Membership to Regen Ag Insiders.
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